We are a bunch of people who believe any business objective can be accomplished by designing/improving ways to interact with people.

With this belief we help organisations:

  • to imagine/reimagine their digital strategy
  • to identify new markets for them to serve
  • to create new services that may compensate previously unidentified consumer needs
  • to make existing services more efficient

How we roll.

Kedi work with both individuals, small teams, and big corporations to imagine, make, and evolve digital services.

Kedi’s main objective is to superadd focus, clarity, and simplicity to your existing or future service. Whether tasked with end-to-end design, or the creation of a small part of a wider picture, the objective remains the same.

And, to ensure success, we strive to work with the following foundations:

  • Intimate, Interconnected, Holistic Approach
  • We know, a successful service isn’t just one that looks pleasing, or even one that works well.
  • Our understanding of brand, content, user, and commercial, technical requirements, allows us to create hassle-free, charming, manageable and of course beautifully visualised services.
  • Better Together
  • We’re enthusiastic about building creative relationships with our clients. Two simple rules: Be a day-to-day part of the product team, and invest heavily in product's success.
  • User Centered Design
  • Through countless hours of research, interviews, and prototype testing, the real customer is at the heart of our methods. We all will let our thoughts and intuitions take a back seat in the face of real input.


We do digital service design with these four disciplines.



Methods for you to see
the world through the user's eyes..



Evidence driven
creative conception.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Strategic and editorial skills for navigability, ease of use and proper content.

Visual Design

Visual Design

Charming visual solutions
to labyrinthian experiential problems.

What's your business objective?

If you are inspired by what you’ve read, or want to talk to us more about our services, please get in touch.

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